Login data for this demo page

For testing with different user groups

There are 4 existing user accounts for testing the 4 different user groups:

You can find details to the user groups in the online software documentation

Login for the group member
E-Mail: fcs-demo-member@mailinator.com / Passwort: foodcoopshop

Login for the group admin
E-Mail: fcs-demo-admin@mailinator.com / Passwort: foodcoopshop

Login for the group superadmin
E-Mail: fcs-demo-superadmin@mailinator.com / Passwort: foodcoopshop

Login for as manufacturer
E-Mail: fcs-demo-meat-manufacturer@mailinator.com / Passwort: foodcoopshop
E-Mail: fcs-demo-vegetable-manufacturer@mailinator.com / Passwort: foodcoopshop
E-Mail: fcs-demo-milk-manufacturer@mailinator.com / Passwort: foodcoopshop

The software sends e-mails to users, here are the inboxes for the test users:

Infox für fcs-demo-member
Infox für fcs-demo-admin
Infox für fcs-demo-superadmin
Infox für fcs-demo-meat-manufacturer
Infox für fcs-demo-vegetable-manufacturer
Infox für fcs-demo-milk-manufacturer

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